Solar electric boats

Silent cruising

Discover a new way of boating with LASAI. Zero noise. Zero emissions. Experience silent cruising on our solar electric boats, a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

  • Up to 15 knots speed
  • Up to >100NM range
  • From €59,400 taxes excluded

Silence is
the essence
of cruising


LASAI in the media LASAI in the media


LASAI combines the pleasure of navigating with respect for the environment.


With a clear commitment to a modern and environmentally sustainable model, they integrate solar-electric technology for their propulsion and operation (original in spanish)


Longest range at medium speed: a Lasai boat can cover 100 miles at a stretch at 6 knots. At 8 knots it reaches 48 miles and at full speed, 26 miles (original in spanish)

El Correo

Lasai boats cruises without the need for batteries as long as there is sunlight (original in spanish).

El Confidencial

Lasai seizes the market opportunity: renewable solutions for boating (original in spanish).

Panorama Naútico

Each Lasai boat avoids the emission of one ton of CO2 into the atmosphere every year (original in spanish).

Energías renovables

The future of boating is decarbonization, zero emissions and respect for the environment (original in spanish).

Gaceta naútica

A new way of mobility and leisure, more sustainable, silent, peaceful and environmentally friendly (original in spanish).


Growing social awareness and regulatory trends, makes necessary to seek environmentally friendly means of transport (original in spanish).

La vanguardia

It makes sense to slow down and enjoy the journey without noise, fumes or smells (original in spanish).


Lasai uses organic and recycled materials in its boats. The systems are setup to be gentle with the environment and marine biodiversity (original in spanish).

el periódico-de la energía

Its main model achieves up to 40 kWh of on-board power and around 700 W of solar panels, with speeds of around 12 knots and a range of ten hours with continuous recharging on sunny days (original in spanish).


Lasai 20 is an electric propulsion boat powered by solar photovoltaic energy with length variants between 5.99 and 6.80 meters and an attractive design (original in spanish).

Estrategia empresarial

The Lasai 20 generates up to 1,500 Wp of power through photovoltaic solar energy (original in spanish).


The Lasai boats are not only more sustainable than traditional recreational vessels but are also silent and do not emit fumes, improving the on-board experience for passengers and crew (original in spanish).

Solar power, electric motor

Advantages of choosing LASAI Advantages of choosing LASAI



LASAI boats are powered by electric and solar energy, helping to reduce emissions and the impact on the environment. But that’s not all – there is no noise pollution as the boat cruises silently, respectful with the sea and with marine life.



From the moment you start a LASAI boat’s electric motor you will start accumulating savings in terms of fuel and maintenance and make a positive impact on the ecosystem It's a smart investment for you and for the environment from the outset.



Our boats reflect our passion for the sea and innovation, and also for meticulous design. Sleek curves and polished lines in our decks and exteriors. Beauty and elegance reside in the small details, on display as you cruise smoothly.



Our solar electric boats offer quality you can feel. Our boats are put through stringent production and management processes, and this can be felt onboard. Because silent cruising requires a reliable boat.