Sustainability, design and tranquility Sustainability, design and tranquility

We combine our passion for boating with our care for the environment.


We are committed to using all our know-how, experience and the latest technology to design solar electric boats that are environmentally friendly.

LASAI solar electric boats are one with the sea. Zero emissions. Zero noise pollution. A different way of boating and enjoying the sea, lakes and rivers, so that future generations will be able to enjoy them too. Because our planet needs us to take it easy and go with the flow.

Our true north

The values that move us The values that move us



Our boats minimize your environmental footprint. Silent cruising also means being one with nature. Zero noise. Zero emissions. The planet needs us to take it easy. Our boats are powered by electric and solar energy, so the only footprint they leave is in your heart.



Silent cruising also means cruising in style. Our focus on design is apparent in the sleek curves and polished lines of our decks and exteriors. Beauty and elegance reside in the small details, on display as you cruise smoothly.



Silent cruising to counter the strains of modern life. Our boats will help you leave your stress on land, get onboard and enjoy a soothing ride. Solar electric technology has a rhythm of its own, just like the sun and the sea. We do better when we value them.



Innovating means doing things differently. It doesn’t always mean creating things from scratch. Sometimes the cutting edge is the result of combining existing technologies in a completely innovative way. Like our solar electric propulsion system. Or the digital management of the energy that powers our boats. A different way of boating, to be one step ahead.



Silent cruising requires a reliable boat. Quality can be seen at a glance. It can be recognized in the materials and components we use to build our boats. But quality is also something you can feel. Our boats are put through stringent production and management processes, and this can be felt onboard. Because silent cruising requires a reliable boat.



Our experience will take you far. Our boats combine technological innovation and experience, connecting people with a shared vision. Taking care of every little detail. Friendly and personalised service. Know-how and expertise. You can always tell when something is done right.



Investing is thinking about the future and working to preserve it. As stewards of our planet, the protection of our seas, lakes and rivers cannot wait. From the moment you start a LASAI boat’s electric motor you accrue savings in terms of fuel and maintenance and make a positive impact on the ecosystem. A smart investment for you and for the environment from the outset.

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